Mozilla in New Zealand

G’day, mates.

There’s a bunch of Kiwis out there that like Mozilla. You’re Mozillians – whether you work at Mozilla, file bugs, or just tell your mates about Firefox. But not all of you know one another. About time we changed that.

Now have a mailing list just for the Mozilla NZ community! Subscribe via Mailman or Google Groups. And to post a message, just email it to [email protected].

The list is for anything vaguely related to Mozilla and it’s mission in NZ. So that’s stuff like making sure “colour” doesn’t get a red squiggly underline when posting to GeekZone, promoting the open web at WebStock, localising Firefox in Māori, or making sure TradeMe works…. you know, for work (yeah right).


Oh yea, and the Aussies have a mailing list too, but it’s not as good.