The New House

Well, Anne and I finally found a house on the market that was not only in our price range, but also fitted both of us! And as a bonus, its not far from where we’ve been flatting – since we rather like this area of Dunedin. The lease on the current flat doesn’t end until 17 January 2009 (my birthday!), so there’s no big rush to move like last time. And we’ve got some extra money to let us do some fixing up and re-decorating – so we’ll be doing a lot of that before moving in completely. And that will continue after we’ve moved in too, as we have quite a bit planned. We’ve still got other things going on (university for one), and my health still isn’t 100%, so we’ll be taking our time. Anyway, here are the initial photos of the new house. They were taken on the day we made the offer to buy the house.

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