7 Things About Me 2

Meme time again. Dave tagged me. And I need to blog more often… this ended up being a couple of weeks later than intended. So here we go!

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7 Things:

  1. I have two pet sharks – a silver shark and a rainbow shark. They live in two freshwater tropical aquariums along with angel fish, tiger barbs, neon tetras, bleeding-heart tetras, upside-down catfish, bristle-nose catfish, black-line flying-foxes, algae eaters, apple snails, black ghost knife-fish, a skunk loach, and a plecostomus.
  2. I’m acrophobic. This isn’t vertigo or not liking heights. This is full-blown irrational extreme fear. Panic attacks, complete disorientation, uncontrollable shaking, visual and auditory hallucinations, physically ill, vomiting, and losing consciousness. Getting up to the 3rd step of a step ladder is a huge accomplishment for me.
  3. I’m co-founder of the Dunedin Makerspace, which was established in late 2010. We do both hardware and software, and I organise the software-related talks for every second Thursday night. My current project there on Saturday afternoons is building a 3D printer.
  4. My online nickname, Unfocused, has no deep meaning. Some people read too much into it, but “Unfocused” was just a synonym for “Blur”, a nickname I originally gained offline. When I was around 9 years old, my classmates thought it would be funny to mispronounce Blair as Blur. It stuck.
  5. I am the southern-most Mozillian (AFAIK). I live in Dunedin, which is 45° 52′ 0″ S.
  6. I can’t drive. I never learned to drive a car. It’s not that I’ve never had the chance – I just don’t want to learn to drive.
  7. I hate timezones. Seriously. They suck.

7 People:

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