Status Update: AppTabs, Extension Manager UI

App Tabs and Home Tab


  • Met with Limi to discuss design details, including:
    • BarTab-like functionality
    • Single-instance vs traditional tab-like behavior (preferring this)
    • Adding/removing AppTabs – dragging & context menu
    • Opening normal tabs when attempting a navigation action in an AppTab
    • Displaying less chrome when in an AppTab (and how awkward this will look for tabs-on-bottom)
  • Patch close to ready for foundation work
    • Had some fun with using yield for async tests
    • Learnt more about nsSessionStore than I wanted
    • Some debate over whether this implementation is the right approach (see bug [bug id=563730])

Loose ends

  • Need to resolve whether to keep current implementation approach or start over

Next steps

  • Finish and land foundation work in bug [bug id=563730]
  • Delve into adding some meat
    • Context menu
    • UI for adding AppTabs
    • Remembering added AppTabs
    • BarTab-like functionality
    • etc

Target for next week

  • Resolve implementation debate
  • Fix review comments, or start alternate implementation

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Some reviews done
  • Mocking provider planning and implementation (not there yet)

Loose ends

  • None

Next steps

  • Mocking provider + tests
  • Fix top priority bugs

Target for next week

  • More work on mocking provider
  • P1 and P2 bugs as time permits, eg:
    • Bug [bug id=567127] – Add Install button for installing from local file
    • Bug [bug id=565682] – Support Drag & drop of XPI file
    • Bug [bug id=562890] – Add preferences button in list view


  • I’ll be in the Mountain View office during the week of 28th June


  • I still get too stressed by certain things that are unavoidable when being a software developer

5 thoughts on “Status Update: AppTabs, Extension Manager UI

  1. “Displaying less chrome when in an AppTab (and how awkward this will look for tabs-on-bottom)”
    You will REALLY need to create all kinds of redundancy in the home tab interface for this! There is no logic behind this, seriously, what’s the benefit? Home pages are usually a whole site, not a single page, and the same goes for apptabs! Please, for all that is good in the earth, DON’T DO THIS! There is NO ADVANTAGE!!! You will only break functionality, scare away people, create support problems, all kinds of trouble! As it stands now, there is no reason for someone to use the new tab button (just type an address and press alt+ENTER, same with search, or middle-click links or bookmarks). Don’t go and create a reason, because THAT WILL BREAK USABILITY FOR MANY PEOPLE!

    And of course it will create all sorts of problems when people have home sites rather than home pages. I’m all for opening a new tab when opening links on the home tab, but make that domain dependent, and not page dependent! Imagine people who have to navigate inside their home page to access content. Nightmare! And implemented domain-dependent new tab behavior will mean you will have to include some way to go back to base on the home tab, because people will WANT a substitute for the home button inside the home tab. The address bar is probably where you need to put it.

    DON’T go with chromeless apptabs or hometabs! They don’t even look that good on paper, but they definitely don’t work with real life! And, other than all the problems I mentioned, there’s the redundancy you will need to create in the default home page. Gosh, it will never work. As soon as someone changes the home page, there goes the redundancy out the window! You would need to include a search field, a location bar, and of course all the buttons the user would have put in the toolbar to have easy access to, INSIDE the home tab! But that will never work. DO NOT USE CHROMELESS TABS! As an option, sure, but if you do this, it will be a nightmare for many people, and I think you’ll just be wasting time because you’ll eventually get them out of Firefox in beta stage…

    I really hope you get what I’m trying to say and address the issues I’m pointing too. In my experience, UX designers are usually stubborn like a mule to access the opinion of one single person, and they’ll only listen to stats or experienceless users’ problems asking for support…

  2. “I still get too stressed by certain things that are unavoidable when being a software developer”

    Like what?

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