Status update: Extension Manager UI, App Tabs

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Landed! Woo!
  • Backed out! Boo! Thanks to a Ts regression on OS X 10.5.8, which turned out to be bug [bug id=519893] again.
    • A little background: A specific OS function in OS X sometimes takes significantly longer if there is no monitor attached. So IT adds resistors to the monitor port of the Mac Minis that run Talos, to trick OS X into believing there is a monitor plugged in. Yes, this really is as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • Successful test day on April 30th (Henrik did an awesome job, over a 16-hour day)
    • Plenty of bugs found, but no show-stoppers. Some were known, others not. (And yes, finding bugs is a good thing.)
    • Also got a lot of feedback on the UI design
    • Test days mean a LOT of bugmail

Loose ends

  • Mossop will be re-landing soon

Next steps

  • Fix some annoying low-hanging fruit like bug [bug id=554237]
  • Implement manual updates pane (bug [bug id=562622])

Target for next week

  • This is temporarily low-priority for me, while I get stuck in on starting App Tabs (see below). So I’m not expecting to get a lot done here, sans any reviews that may come up from people submitting patches (hint hint).

App Tabs and Home Tab


  • Picked up this project, together with Marco
    • Marco will be working on the Home Tab (a locally hosted home page that sits in a special App Tab)
    • I’ll be working on App Tabs (small persistent tabs that show a often-used specific site/page, and don’t get lost in all your other tabs)
  • Looked to see if any addon has this implemented in a way that could be uplifted, but didn’t find anything suitable
  • Started working on a proof-of-concept
    • Hit various roadblocks and discovered its going to be more work than originally anticipated
    • Tabbrowser makes certain assumptions everywhere that I need to burn with fire correct
    • Hoping that once the foundation is set, everything else can be separate bugs. eg: syncing between windows, make the documents single-instance, etc

Loose ends

  • None

Next steps

  • Finish foundation work in tabbrowser

Target for next week

  • Want to at least get the basic stuff working properly. Not sure whether that will include review-ready code or not (sadly, probably not)


  • Regardless of how exciting an existing project is, starting a new project always seems somehow more exciting

6 thoughts on “Status update: Extension Manager UI, App Tabs

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  2. I have long used “FaviconizeTab” for what seems to be the same as “App Tabs” are meant for. Just in case it is not one of the addons you already looked at.

  3. Awesome, awesome!!! Finally there’s confirmation for me that the new home tab is a local hosted page that’s “always there”!!! AWESOME!

    Good going Brain!

  4. Also, I should ask this here, I guess: will the apptabs be impossible to close with a right click > close tab? I hope they are not, because my faviconized tabs are easily closeable.

    Also, will there be a place to configure auto-apptabs, where you open a site and it automatically shrinks that tab? That is very useful when you are opening, for example, many pictures at the same time, and you don’t really care about their name, just that you can work properly…

  5. AndersH: I’ve used FaviconizeTab in the past as well. We’re wanting AppTabs to be different to that, however. Specifically, AppTabs will stay pinned in the same position (ie, they won’t scroll with normal tabs, so they’re much easier to get to), they’ll be harder to close, and all browser windows will share a single instance of them.

  6. Tiago: AppTabs will be harder to close, since they’re intended to be something far more permanent than normal tabs (and also act quite different from faviconized tabs – see my comment above). But I’m not sure about the details of closing them yet – I’m assuming the context menu will be the way to do it, and there will be no button on the tab itself to close it.

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