Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab matches

This is a “I’m still alive” type of update. It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted a status update. In that time, I’ve had a week off thanks to a 5-day weekend of public holidays (yay!), then being knocked down by a nasty flu bug (boo!). I’m back into hacking now but I’m still recovering, so things are progressing a bit slower than usual right now.

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Missed the date we wanted to ideally get this landed on trunk (31st March) – this was disappointing, but there was just too much to get done (including reviews, as always). On the upside, we want it to bake in nightlies for awhile before being pushed out in an alpha.
  • Almost done the first round of reviews – feedback was mostly lots of small stuff, which is positive.
  • Lots of bugs fixed! Mostly a lot of little stuff. The QA guys are helping hugely.
  • Made it look prettier with icons from Boriss and some CSS work (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL LOOK!)

Category iconsAddon item

Loose ends

  • None.

Next steps

  • Land on trunk.
  • Fix more bugs, and add planned features (including start of AMO integration).

Target for next week

  • Next round of reviews.
  • Fix remaining P1 bugs blocking landing.
  • Assuming this all goes smoothly and the API is ready to too, we can land it on trunk (!!)

Tab matches in Awesomebar


Next steps



  • I should know better than to overwork myself and get burnt out.
  • Books are awesome.
  • Hackers around the world are selling their soul for a certain new device that is the start of a computing future they do not want. This saddens me.

3 thoughts on “Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab matches

  1. Congrats on the trunk landing.
    But for Tab Matches, will there be a option to search for Tabs and Bookmarks, or Tabs alone.
    I realised I had to enable history in order to use Tab Matches, got frustrated and returned it back to Bookmarks only.

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