Status update: Extension Manager UI Redesign

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Install/uninstall/update working really nicely. This took longer than expected, due to:
    • Some issues with the new API – Mossop has added various new functions, properties, and events
    • Some bugs with the API that tests didn’t find – these are being fixed by Mossop, with additional tests added
    • Various things I haven’t considered or anticipated (such as providers installing addons without using an AddonInstall object)
    • I had some preconceptions about the flow of events and state of installs/upgrades which turned out not to be entirely accurate
  • Various CSS and layout tweaks (such as making buttons look pretty) – CSS3 is my friend
  • Various bugs I found along the way
  • Filed a bajilion bugs on the UI and API – things that need fixed, features that need implemented

Loose ends

  • Waiting on some placeholder icons from Boriss

Next steps

  • More bug fixes!
  • Reviews
  • Initial landing on mozilla-central
  • Write a mocking provider, for automated testing (and additional dogfooding of the private API)

Target for next week

  • Add support for addon installs that don’t use an AddonInstall object and its events (bug [bug id=553515])
  • Make enable/disable prompt for restart (bug [bug id=553631])
  • Fix display when no update is found (bug [bug id=553870])
  • Consolidate “Restart Now” buttons to just one entry (bug [bug id=553460])
  • Any other P1 and P2 bugs I can get to
  • Start writing mocking provider
  • Initial reviews


  • Planning and testing are necessary but not adequate on their own. Dogfooding will invariably find issues that planning and testing could not.
  • Spare time suffers from Parkinson’s Law (and at times, both of them)