Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab matches in Awesomebar

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Plenty of discussion at the recent Firefox team work week (which was awesome and I blogged about here)
  • The project branch is setup
    • Mossop is landing the new API there, and gathering performance data before and after the new API
    • I’ll be landing the new UI there soonish
  • Aiming to complete the first milestone by the end of March (and have it landed on trunk)
    • Extension Manager needs to be usable for all basic functionality (install/uninstall/enable/disable, displaying basic information)
    • Additional functionality will come in later milestones (such as better AMO integration, potential performance improvements)
  • Resolved remaining localization to-dos and issues
    • Wish DownloadUtils.jsm had better localization support built-in
    • Certain problems make me look forward to l20n
  • Improved enable/disable interactions. Still have tweaks to do, especially with the new mockups from Boriss
  • Some work on hooking up download/install/update.

Loose ends

  • Need to figure out what to display until AMO integration is implemented (does this even matter for nightlies?)

Next steps

  • Bring up to speed with latest mockups from Boriss
  • Finish hooking up download/install/update/uninstall/undo
  • Notifications – restart needed, compatibility check being disabled, etc

Target for next week

  • Install/uninstall/update progress – depending on API completeness
  • General tweaks based on new mockups (eg, disabled addons, search filters)
  • Manual updates

Tab matches in Awesomebar


  • Got super-review
  • Landed on trunk, but had to backout due to:
    • Weird merge issues (re-merging manually fixed this)
    • The browser-chrome test somehow made another (unrelated) test timeout. I really wish Mochitest started with a clean-slate on each test.
  • Did not make it into 3.7a3 as planned


  • It is difficult to get a larger project landed without any difficulty.
  • Stress is a productivity killer. I need to not let certain things stress me so much.
  • Software is hard. Kittens are soft.

5 thoughts on “Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab matches in Awesomebar

  1. Nice to see someone outside the localization community is appreciating L20n now ;-)

    And yes, I have fought DownloadUtils.jsm L10n stuff as well in the past :-/

  2. Bugs are under Toolkit / Add-ons Manager – with [rewrite] in the whiteboard.

    The main tracking bugs are bug 461973 for the API and bug 550048 for the UI.

    One of the goals has been to allow additional types of addon and functionality to be added. The API is decoupled from the UI, and is very nice to use. The new UI is in XUL – and it’s built to be extensible.

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