Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab matches in Awesomebar

Few days late on this – oops. I’ll be at the Mountain View office next week for a Firefox team work week – any hacking I get a chance to do will probably be on random things, rather than my usual projects. If you’re in the office and want to catch up or talk about anything, come and find me. No idea what area I’ll be in, but just look for the hairiest person you can find.

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Solidified some interactions and how views are implemented & interact
  • Helped Mossop figure out some API bugs (turns out, extensions.ini is important!)
  • Some progress on updating addons

Loose ends

  • Still waiting on the project branch (bug [bug id=542910])

Next steps

  • Install/uninstall/update/enable/disable
  • AMO Search
  • Help with API development

Target for next week

  • None (getting the most out of the work week takes priority)

Tab matches in Awesomebar


  • Code review complete
  • Waiting on superreview for API changes