Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab Matches in Awesomebar

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Download progress widget done. Should be possible to do a fancy button -> progress transition.
  • Local search done – including sorting based on relevance to search string
  • AMO search not done – need API support and UX details
  • Lot’s of UX questions for Boriss
  • Weekly meeting notes here

Loose ends

  • Waiting on project branch to be setup (bug [bug id=542910])

Next steps

  • Install/uninstall/update/enable/disable
  • AMO Search
  • Help with API development

Target for next week

  • Install/uninstall/update/enable/disable (assuming API support is ready)
  • Otherwise, integration issues

Tab matches in Awesomebar


  • Another round of reviews. Getting there!

Loose ends

  • None

Next steps

  • Followups: [bug id=530209], [bug id=546253], [bug id=546254], [bug id=546255], [bug id=539357]

Target for next week

  • Landed? Plz?



  • Learn like you know nothing

4 thoughts on “Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab Matches in Awesomebar

  1. Just a little major (yes its a little major because it almost never happens but irks me beyond belief when it does) bug/ nust have feature

    when i accept and add-on install i frequently close the tab and go another place until i´m ready to install the add on.

    Quite sometimes my internet connection instability will cause the install to fail, them a modal dialog will interrupt my workflow, and worst, it gives me no option to re-attempt the install.

    the correct behavior would be to the add-ons manager install tabe countinue to be displayed and provide a button to re-attempt the download and a right click to go back to the install site (ala the download manager´s “open download page”)
    On the modal dialog interruption i have noting constructive to say, because the non-advanced users might not notice the warning on the current yellow bar non-modal notification

    If needed i´ll post this to bugzilla if you care to appoint the corrct component

  2. The ‘Firefox team status’ page is great, and shows a lot of the new CSS features.
    But for a lot of the projects there is no link to anything more detailed on that project. For example for the ‘Print Preview’, which sounds very interesting, doesn’t have any bug number?

  3. Alfred: Thanks :) I have a few extra CSS goodies still to add (like @font-face, and maybe border-image).

    There are 3 projects there without their own page, as well as a couple in inactive projects and future projects (which my status dashboard doesn’t index yet). I think at the very least, a bug number should be referenced. I’ll be sure to annoy the relevant people this week and at the next team meeting.

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