Status update: Extension Manager UI, Tab matches in Awesomebar

Got back from my “holiday” late last week, after taking a 3-day roadtrip home. While away I mostly worked on the new Extension Manager UI, and am rather pleased with it all. Er, I relaxed and spent time with family too. Of course, almost everything else got ignored (including IRC). Back to the usual day-to-day awesomeness now.

Extension Manager UI Redesign


  • Add-ons tree, list view, and detail view are all mostly implemented, hookup up the the new API, and look like the mockups
  • New API is really nice to use
  • Synced up with Mossop and Boriss (screensharing ftw!)
  • Sorted out a weekly meeting time (timezones are fun)

Loose ends

  • Need more data out of AMO’s API – Mossop has talked to people, filed bugs, etc

Next steps

  • Installation and updates
  • Searching

Target for next week

  • Tackle searching
  • Tweaks after latest round of mockups

Tab matches in Awesomebar

No update. Expect things to move quickly this week.


  • Taking a break from a project can result in a more objective view of past decisions.
  • Starting new projects is fun.
  • Mondays are EVIL.

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