Status update

Plugin Update Awareness


  • Landed on trunk
  • Small fix needed in bug 520295 (awaiting review)

Loose ends

  • Once the URL of the plugin update page is finalised, the pref may need updating (bug 520444)

Next steps

Target for next week

  • Blog about this (hopefully today)
  • Get everything landed on branch


Blockers/wanted fixed on trunk:

  • 519486 – Some themes are illegible with the text shadow implementation
  • 467601 – long bookmark names (page titles) will hide tagging icon and tags’ text in location bar dropdown list (overlaps, covers up)
  • 432213 – Bookmark dialog position incorrectly when bookmarking frame
  • 468881 – Save Frame As… option appears when not necessary in File Menu


  • Mistakes are only bad if you fail to learn from them